RoboWillis will save the world, again

Teach your robots well, they said, and one day...

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Our Chief Cook Robot is back again, and this time, it has the mission to save the world, yes, to save the world, which is dramatically lacking from energy. Accepting bravely this new challenge, it told us 'From now on, I will have better things to do than preparing omelettes. A new destiny requires a new name. So call me RoboWillis.' And it went, achieving its dangerous mission.

In fact, RoboWillis quickly came back, because it didn't know what to do... Indeed knowing how to save the world is not innate in robots. Therefore, a training phase started on Earth. The mission being to help humans to deploy solar panels on the moon, RobotWillis was actually taught how to visually recognize these panels, how to grasp them, as well as how to deploy them.

Its training done, RoboWillis was sent to the moon, were it was very efficient in reproducing what it learned on Earth. It helped humans brining solar panels to deployment sites and actually deploy them, hence providing mankind with an almost infinite and clean energy. Thank you RoboWillis!

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