Media Coverage

iCub dans l'Illustre
(April 2011)

Le futur se construit a l'EPFL

Talk for the general public at the Espace des inventions, an interactive science museum, Lausanne (September 2010)

Pain, science et chocolat at the Espace des inventions

Let's talk about robots on Swiss National Radio (RSR1)
(September 2010)

Pain, robots et chocolat
(Audio sur )

iCub on Swiss German National TV (SF1), NZZ Format
(April 2010)

Die Intelligenz der Roboter

Chief Cook in the New York Times
(February 2010)

Just Like Mombot Used to Make

iCub dans le Flash de l'EPFL
(January 2010)

Les premiers pas d'un enfant de metal

iCub dans l'Hebdo
(November 2009)

L'enfant-robot fait ses classes a l'EPFL

iCub on IEEE Spectrum Radio
(October 2009)

Robots for Real: Lessons From a Mechanical Child

Chief Cook playing Pong featured in GEE Magazin
(February 2009)

Mit List und Tuecke

Chief Cook on
(Mai 2008)

Robots on the Move

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